My God saw me through the pregnancy and delivery of my fourth child

Rose M.

My testimony is about how my God protected me during the pregnancy and delivery of my fourth son. After having my third son, I decided that I would not have any child until after five years. However, I suddenly discovered I was pregnant. I became confused as to how I was going to cope with the three boys, school run and the stress of bad roads because of where we are staying.

After much. . . Read More


Mom’s Testimony On Eight Reasons Why Every Believer Should Speak In Other Tongues

Nkechinyere A.M. Ene

Phone rings at 21:11 hours on the 26th of June…it is my Mum. I reach for the phone eagerly, she is not just my Mum, she is now also my friend and I usually enjoy a Sunday evening gist with her.

Nke, you are fantastic! You are wonderful! You are too much! Fantastic girl…!!!”. 

At this point I am slightly blushing (yes…dark-skinned folks can b. . . Read More


I praise God for putting an end to this sickness in my family.

Harrison W.

My son came home with an infection that was later diagnosed as chicken pox when we took him to the hospital. He was placed on medications. Shortly after, his twin sisters came down with the same infection and were placed on the same medications. Concerns were raised about every other member of the family contacting the same infection, so, we had to devise a means of protecting ourselves and thu. . . Read More


God had mercy on me and saved my son’s life.

Amos O.

One day, while I was also at work, my wife had gone to pick the children from the school, and on their way back, they had to wait for a little while before crossing the road since there was a minor gridlock. My little daughter had been complaining about the strap of her backpack, probably it was too tight for her. Since my wife needed both hands to adjust the strap, she had to let go of my son'. . . Read More


Hallelujah! God Gave Me The Victory

Grace O.

I started attending The Carpenter's Church fully in January 2008. Prior to this time, it looked like everything that could go wrong in my life had gone wrong, and I had no control over it. My family was torn apart in shreds, every member of my family had to live in different places and fend for themselves. I was only seventeen years old and I had no roof over my head because my family had been . . . Read More


Inspite of Our Actions, Inactions and Errors, He Still Protects His Own

Henry A.

About two weeks towards the end of 2016, I observed one of the tyres of my wife's car had lost some air and I flagged it with her, asking her to stop by at the garage to have it looked at but she mentioned that she had observed it and gotten it inflated to the right pressure a few days earlier. So, on the morning of Saturday 30th December 2016, I decided to take care of it myself because she ha. . . Read More


Thank You Jesus. I Am Healed

Maria O.

I had a pain in my bladder since 2014, which I had adjusted to. It was painful but I didn't see it as a big deal. However, since the beginning of this year, it became very intense so much that I become afraid whenever it is time to pee because I cry while at it, followed by a vibrating sensation at the end. I began to seriously pray about this, asking that God should heal me. Up until the morni. . . Read More


My Rent Was Taken Care Of, Glory Be To God!

Christopher O.

When my house rent expired in September 2015, I told my landlord that I was not going to renew the rent because I will be moving to a bigger and better apartment. He advised me to take my time to look for a good apartment, and said I should make sure my new landlord is a good person. Then he added that he would only collect a month's rent, no matter how long it would take me to get another apar. . . Read More


My Faith Made My Miracle Come Through For Me

B. E.

Late last year, I started feeling something on my right breast. I figured by myself that it was not a tumour or cancer but I didn't know its name. However, it felt like the breast seed or tissue broke into pieces, and I could feel them whenever my hand touched it. At times, I would use just a finger to poke it since it was so tiny. When I told my friend to help me check it some weeks after, she. . . Read More


Praise God! It can only get better

Patience O.

I am a salary earner and so when Pastor Nkechi announced that the General’s Distribution Club would start, I filled the form and mentally planned to pay from my salary at the end of the month. After submitting the form, I thanked God for the opportunity and decided not to think about it in relations to all the financial responsibilities presently on me.

The following week, an opportunit. . . Read More