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Play Service Healing Service: The Healing Miracles Of Jesus - Part 17 (The Demon Possessed Man in the Synagogue)
In this message, Pastor Nkechi tells us that our authority was delegated by virtue of our relationship in Christ. When you exercise your authority, the devil sees Jesus and has no option other than to comply. Watch

Play Service The Carpenter's Table: Guard Your Virtue
At The Carpenter's Table, Pastor Soska Forbes teaches on the need for us to guard our virtue. Watch

Play Service Healing Service: The Healing Miracles Of Jesus - Part 16 (The healing of the two blind men, including Bartimaeus)
As blind Bartimaeus threw off his coat and arose even before he experienced the restoration of his sight, you must be ready to take action if you will receive your miracle. Watch

Play Service Auditorium Building Update : February, 2016
February 2016: Auditorium Building Update by Pastor Nkechi Ene Watch

Play Service 31st Night Service: 2016: Our Year Of The Manifested Word
This is the year of the Manifested Word of God. There will be manifestations that show years of a deep work with God; inception and conception has been going on but now is the time to give birth and manifest! 2016 Our Year of the Manifested Word! Watch

Play Service The Carpenter's Table: Partnership with God
At The Carpenters Table, Pastor Tony Ojukwu shares tangible truths on our benefits as Partners with God.  Watch

Play Service Pastor Kech's Birthday Special

Play Service 31st Night Service: 2015: Our Year To Take Over
2015: Our Year To Take Over! The land is subdued before us; the land is under our complete control. We are a people that are strong & courageous and we will occupy the land as our enemies are already defeated. Watch

Play Service National Day Service: Nigeria: They Will Change Their Minds About You
People will often have opinions about you based on what they see. In this Nigerian National Day message, Pastor Nkechi prophesies and teaches on how and why minds will be changed about Nigeria and her people. Watch

Play Service Book Launch: Dancing with Your Spirit
The book launch for "Dancing with Your Spirit" held on the 27th of July. Experience the moment again - watch the video. Watch

Play Service SOFT Word Games: Finals
The Family Outreach Groups take part in the SOFT Games Quiz yearly. The exciting contest, though keen, has a Sense Of Family Touch! Watch this year's exciting finals. Watch

Play Service The General's Distribution Club Inauguration

Play Service Game Show (How Well Do You Know Your Spouse)
Put yourself on the hot seat as you watch 10 couples being asked questions and giving answers which showed how well they know their spousess. Worth watching!! Watch

Play Service The National Anthem
An extraordinary rendition of The National Anthem by the New Wine Choir at the national day service Watch