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God never misses a service at The Carpenter’s Church and neither should you. Watch Sunday services all through the week, all around the world.

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   Other Videos
Play Service Sunday Service: The Healing Miracles Of Jesus - Part 10 (The Healing of Two Blind Men - Part 1)
In this message, Pastor Nkechi highlights the power in your expectation as she shares nuggets from this miracle of Jesus and just like the blind men you should be persistent and base your expectations on what you have heard and what you know. Watch

Play Service Budget Reading: 2014/2015 Financial Year Budget Reading
Budget Reading for the 2014/2015 Financial Year. Watch

Play Service The Carpenter's Table: Eyes on the Inheritance
At The Carpenter's Table, Reverend Joe shares some truths that are relevant for anyone who wants to experience the inheritance that God has already provided for His children Watch

Play Service SOFT Word Games: Finals
The Family Outreach Groups take part in the SOFT Games Quiz yearly. The exciting contest, though keen, has a Sense Of Family Touch! Watch this year's exciting finals. Watch

Play Service 31st Night Service: 2014: Our Year Of Unusual Strength
2014: Our Year Of Unusual Strength! You have the strength of God and courage from within and so you will conquer every mountain. You are stronger than any circumstance and any situation this year!  Watch

Play Service National Day Service: Mediocrity: Nigeria's Generational Curse
In this insightful address, Pastor Nkechi reveals mediocrity as the curse found at the root of all the corruption, poverty and ignorance in Nigeria. You find out that a lot of us Nigerians and even Christian Nigerians are walking in this curse and passing it on as an inheritance to our children and we are not even aware of it. Watch

Play Service The General's Distribution Club Inauguration

Play Service Game Show (How Well Do You Know Your Spouse)
Put yourself on the hot seat as you watch 10 couples being asked questions and giving answers which showed how well they know their spousess. Worth watching!! Watch

Play Service The National Anthem
An extraordinary rendition of The National Anthem by the New Wine Choir at the national day service Watch