God Went Ahead Of Us To Stop My Car From Hitting The Tanker


I came back from a journey on Tuesday, 28th November 2017, the second day of our Hallelujah Week, and my wife asked me to pick our daughter from school. After picking my daughter from school, I drove to my wife’s office, but instead of driving into the office premises, I parked my car across the road and waited for my wife to come and pick her from the car, so that I could go home to rest for a . . . Read More



The Goodness Of God Is In Me


I came into the then Royal Evangel Church (now The Carpenter’s Church) on invitation by my brother, Bro. Sam Daniels. I came as a bachelor with a Bachelor’s Degree, an applicant squatting with an uncle and friends in their one-room apartment. I also had to trek to church. I was an average citizen but my persistence and steadfastness in the things of God and the knowledge acquired from the pulp. . . Read More



God Came Through For Me


Sometime last year, I was taken to the hospital because I was hit on my right eye while playing basketball. My vision was blurred and everything looked milky white from that eye. The doctors prescribed some medication, which turned out to be fake drugs. I was later taken to another doctor who convinced my parents that a small surgery was required to clean the blood by making a small incision in. . . Read More



It Has Truly Been A Year Of Abundant Resources


In October 2015, after I finished my National Youth Service Corp (NYSC), I enrolled for a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Education with the National Teachers’ Institute. Prior to the examinations, there were talks all over the place that one could not pass the examinations without cheating and writing verbatim what was written in the modules for each course since the examinations were not mar. . . Read More



He Has Continued To Open Doors For Me


God’s wisdom has been evident in my life right from my lower primary classes, but came to even greater manifestation when I was about to go to secondary school. I wrote a National Mathematics Competition for Primaries 5 and 6 pupils in Nigeria and got 2nd position in Rivers State. This earned me a scholarship to study at Nigerian Turkish International Colleges (NTIC). Originally, the scholarship. . . Read More



I Am Free From Masturbation


I lost my mum at the age of sixteen, and even though I was the last of nine siblings, I still felt lost and lonely. So, I crawled into a shell and there I met with masturbation. Gradually, I fell deep into it to the point that I could masturbate five times a week. This continued for years and well into my adulthood, even when I had received Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. I became very con. . . Read More



Nothing Happened To The Car Or Me


On Sunday, 24th of April 2016, I was on my way back from a friend’s occasion at about 9:00 p.m. that evening when I ran into a suspended electric pole along Chinda Road, which had fallen as a result of the heavy rainfall during the day. The echo was so loud that people in the neighborhood came out en masse to see who must have been injured or even died in the accident as usual, but to their g. . . Read More



God’s Mercy And Grace Didn’t Allow Me Slip Away


On Sunday, 22nd of May 2016, which happened to be the final day of the SOFT Games (the annual Word Competition in TCC), and therefore a day no one would want to miss service for any reason. I decided to wake up early to finish my house chores because I did not finish them, due to the outreach we went for at the Port Harcourt Prisons the previous day. Also, I was on duty that Sunday.

Tha. . . Read More



My God saw me through the pregnancy and delivery of my fourth child

Rose M.

My testimony is about how my God protected me during the pregnancy and delivery of my fourth son. After having my third son, I decided that I would not have any child until after five years. However, I suddenly discovered I was pregnant. I became confused as to how I was going to cope with the three boys, school run and the stress of bad roads because of where we are staying.

After much. . . Read More



Mom’s Testimony On Eight Reasons Why Every Believer Should Speak In Other Tongues

Nkechinyere A.M. Ene

Phone rings at 21:11 hours on the 26th of June…it is my Mum. I reach for the phone eagerly, she is not just my Mum, she is now also my friend and I usually enjoy a Sunday evening gist with her.

Nke, you are fantastic! You are wonderful! You are too much! Fantastic girl…!!!”. 

At this point I am slightly blushing (yes…dark-skinned folks can b. . . Read More